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Kulluri Speech Pathology Center

was born as a need of the Albanian market, due to lack of Speech Pathology service 100%. Inspired by western countries with innovative programs, we offer for children, adolescents and adults, rehabilitation of language and communication problems, swallowing difficulties (pediatric / geriatric), voice disorders, rehabilitation of neurodevelopmental pathologies that cause speech problems.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is the science that deals with the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of language and communication disorders. Disorders of language and communication include affecting all forms of verbal and nonverbal communication and the neurophysiological processes responsible for communication.

Who is the Speech Therapist?

A speech therapist is a medical professional who treats cognitive disorders of speech and language, swallowing processes, phonation, etc. The speech therapist can work as a freelancer or as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

How does Speech Therapy treat these disorders?

Through the use of standardized professional tests and manuals. The character of the plans that are built is short-term, long-term. In cases when the patient needs other therapeutic services, we cooperate with our colleagues for a higher quality.

Who needs Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy treatment serves to all patients ranging from pediatric to elderly geriatric patients.

Our Services

Speech therapy

Lasts 60 min. It is realized at the moment when the patient presents in therapy with 3 monthly cycles to see the patient progress as well as to reformulate treatment objectives. The programs we use are certified by ASHA (American Association of Speech - Languages).

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Speech Therapy Session

One Speech Therapy session lasts 45 min. It is organized in techniques consisting of speech therapy rehabilitation of the patient. It is attended by the patient on average 3-4 times a week. Depending on the difficulty it presents.

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Speech Therapy Consultation

Speech therapy consultation lasts on average 45 minutes. It consists in obtaining the complete anamnesis of the patient and his / her orientation towards the treatment he / she needs accompanied with counseling.

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What are the alarm signals that orient you to Speech Therapy?


Pediatric Patients

  • Before the age of 12 months it is considered normal for children to interact verbally through sounds. These sounds are then the precursors of speech.
  • If the baby does not make sounds until 12 months this is considered an alarm sign.
  • Around the age of 12 to 15 months, children begin to imitate sounds in their mother tongue and say single words. At this time they follow single commands.
  • If at this time the child does not say any syllable, no simple word, the child is referred for special follow-up in Speech Therapy.
  • From the age of 18 to 24 months is the time when vocabulary grows and children begin to combine two words creating pairs of phrases.
  • If the child is in the sound or syllable stage this is considered disturbing.
  • At the moment when the child is between the ages of 2 and 3 and the speech is interrupted, the vocabulary is reduced and the expression is not present, it is time to start speech therapy .

Adult Patients

After accidents or injuries of neurological character, areas responsible for expression and understanding are affected, the patient is referred for Speech Therapy.

Geriatric Patients

As a result of the impact of concomitant diseases and the history of medications, the impact of responsible swallowing structures becomes more evident. In this case, Speech Therapy will help the patient to restore these structures.


Speech Therapist on Staff


Treated Pathologies





A Speech Therapist works on:

  • University hospitals center (neurology, pediatrics, orl)

  • Public / private kindergartens

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Private clinics

  • Schools


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